Waste Management


Smarter Bins + Climate Conscious Sponsorships =  Better Recycling. 

A Smart Advertisement Outlet, A Smarter Waste Solution.

We provide advertising and sponsorship opportunities to climate-conscious brands through our aesthetically designed smart bin units. 

ML Based Waste Recognition

Computer vision aided artificial intelligence classifies complex incoming waste streams with high efficency

Realtime Data Analytics

Waste analytics tool and active maintenance alerts to sustainably manage your facility. 

Automatic Sorting

Efficient waste segregation mechanisms mitigate recyclables from ending up in the landfill.

Smart Out of Home Advertising

Quantified campaign engagement for climate conscious brands is a revolutionising step towards out of home advertising.

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About Us

Vital Carbon started in 2019 as an idea to understand solid waste disposal practices at the grass-root level. 

It was only in early 2020 that we realized, it was never about missing technological advancement but its implication in solving a real-life problem. While waste management infrastructure has all the necessary tools to it's the premium cost of running a sustainable waste management business that makes the whole operation in accessible. 

We at Vital Carbon, challenge this belief and strive to provide premium waste management services at a financially viable price point by partnering with climate conscious sponsors.

Our machine learning driven, IOT enabled smart bins offer efficient waste segregation mechanisms accompanied with digitised scheduling and maintenance assistance.

See How we're helping to building a sustainable community.

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Our Partners